Anup Kulkarni is a multiple award-winning cinematographer, currently working in Los Angeles, USA. Along with cinematography, he is an avid wildlife photography enthusiast, who has a professional background in VFX as a Matchmove technical director at the Rhythm & Hue Studios, India.
Frames, colors and lights! Not just my passion or hobbies but the very parameters through which I perceive life and all the creativity that it encompasses. Growing up in an artistic household always encouraged me to look into what was ‘beyond’ the thin veil called ‘reality’. Eventually, I found where my true passion lies!
My first encounters with these companions came when I took up wildlife photography as my artistic pursuit. My love for the camera, its ability to tell stories in a single frame and how it blends into the 3D world of the creation, itself takes me to a visual world. All these things drove me to take up a profession into the VFX industry. There I had the opportunity to work on award winning and prestigious projects like Life of Pi, Thor 2, Percy Jackson, etc.”
Walking down in my visualization world with photography and VFX as my companions, while digging deeper, I also realized that it was not only frame and colors which were enhancing the beauty of my visualization but the real binding factor to all this was Lights! ! That made my frame complete! This deeper understanding of visual arts gave rise to a new passion in me, and that was cinematography for motion pictures. For which I am now pursuing a successful career in the greatest city of stories and fiction, Los Angeles.”

Achievement in Cinematography

Best Cinematography - A Touch of Aurora - Fest Cine Pedra Azul 2018, Brazil
Best Cinematographer - Rosethorn - United International Film Festival 2017
Best Cinematography - Head Of The Mouse - Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards 2016
Best Cinematographer - Singularity - Lake View International Film Festival 2016
Best Cinematography - Rosethorn - TMC London Film Festival 2016